About JoŽlle C.

JoŽlle C. was born in Paris and acquired her Fine Art and Art History education at the University of Aix-en-Provence. Studying with masters of mural painting in Mexico, printmaking in San Francisco, deepening her knowledge in interaction of colors and recently exploring woodblock carving on Maui are a few of the stepping stones on her artistic journey.

Her voyage to Maui - where she has resided since 1982 - parallels her own journey to the heart. Attracted by the merging of cultures in a place where nature is still in the making, JoŽlle found what she was looking for: a home for her family and a peaceful, yet inspirational and vital environment to do her work. Living close to the nature she loves, her paintings reflect an intimate joy for color, light and a poetic approach to reality.

When it comes to style, a unique blend of tradition and creativity comes to mind. She is "free to produce the most expressive, refined statement with the delicate touch of a master", giving the viewer "a fundamental feeling of peace". (Maui News)

Her work has been awarded and collected worldwide.