The sister of the artist, Monique Chicheportiche, and her husband, Dan Dowdall, opened the JoŽlle C. Gallery in early 2003 to feature JoŽlle's largest collection of her original works and prints available in Hawaii. If you come and visit the gallery, you will enjoy the light and elegant space, which is located at 505 Front Street, a complex of fine restaurants and interesting shops and just across the street from the future Moko'ula Cultural Heritage Park in Lahaina.

Joelle C. Gallery
505 Front Street
Lahaina, Hawaii 96761

Tel/Fax: (808) 662-0799
Monique and JoŽlle at the Gallery Opening
Monique Chicheportiche, a petite Parisian with a strong French accent, is the personable and lively director of Joelle C. Gallery and will make your visit there a memorable one.
JoŽlle, the artist, fills the space with her creations and displays them with an elegant gallery look.
Dan, wearing many hats in the operations side of the business, has good information and advice on what to do and where to go on Maui.
Oliver, JoŽlle's husband, is the computer genius working behind the scene and ensures that all of her work is produced and presented to the highest standards of quality art.